Alan S. Lewis Case

Alan S. Lewis faced 29 felony charges of embezzlement, grand theft and burglary for incurring surrender charges in annuity sales to seniors. Lewis said it was best for his clients, but the county prosecutor called it twisting. Although that is usually a matter that the state insurance department handles, the state handed the case to criminal prosecutors. After four months in jail, the prosecutor agreed to ask for a dismissal of all charges.

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» ‘Annuity Burglar’ Case Tossed by Judge

Thursday 07/10/2014

A California judge threw out 29 felony charges and one misdemeanor against a former insurance agent who spent more than four months in jail awaiting trial in a case that some said could lead to criminalizing surrender charges…

» Trial Delayed Again in Annuity Burglar Case


Tuesday 07/01/2014

An ex-annuity agent sits in jail for another month while the prosecutor waits for three sets of documents from insurance companies…

» Alan S. Lewis Case Timeline

Friday 06/20/2014

Timeline shows Alan S. Lewis’ path from annuity agent to felony defendant…

» California Program Pays to Prosecute Life and Annuity Agents

Thursday 06/19/2014

Why does California seem to go after annuity agents so aggressively? That’s been a question often asked after two criminal prosecutions in cases that could have been insurance department matters…

» Annuity Burglary Trial Set for June 23

Tuesday 06/10/2014

Alan S. Lewis is accused of “twisting” in the repeated sale of annuities to some of his clients…

» Ex-Agent Faces Burglary Charges For Annuity Sales

Thursday 05/29/2014

A former California annuity seller is in jail awaiting trial on 29 felonies and one misdemeanor, including grand theft, embezzlement and burglary, for annuity sales…