AdvisorNews Editorial Staff

  • Paul Feldman — Publisher

    Paul Feldman started the website InsuranceNewsNet in 1999, followed by InsurnanceNewsNet Magazine in 2008 and AdvisorNews in 2016. Paul won the 2012 Integrated Marketing Award (IMA) for Lead Gen Initiative for his Truth about Agent Recruiting video and was the runner-up for IMA's Marketer of the Year, a competition that includes consumer and B2B publishing companies, in 2012. Contact him at or visit

  • Steven A. Morelli — Editor-in-Chief

    Steven A. Morelli is editor-in-chief for AdvisorNews. He has more than 25 years of experience as a reporter and editor for newspapers, magazines and insurance periodicals. He was also vice president of communications for an insurance agents' association. Steve can be reached at

  • Cassie Miller — Managing Editor

    Cassie is managing editor for AdvisorNews. Cassie has an extensive background in magazine writing, editing and design. She may be reached at

  • Susan Rupe — Managing Editor, InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

    Susan Rupe is managing editor for InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. She formerly served as communications director for an insurance agents' association and was an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor. Contact her at

  • John Hilton — Senior Editor

    John Hilton is senior editor for annuities for AdvisorNews. He has covered business, politics, religion and other beats in more than 20 years as a reporter and editor at various daily newspapers. John can be reached at